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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 5, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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backing off. as the candidates try to build on wednesday's debate mitt romney changes course on his criticism of americans who pay no income taxes. i said something that was completely wrong. >> meningitis outbreak. health officials rush to alert patients who may have been exposed to the deadly disease that's killed five people in sickened dozens more. >> i don't want this thing in my body. i feel like i want a cleanser. i want it out. get out of my body. >> and bin laden drama. a tv movie about the raid that killed osama bin laden is set to air two days before the presidential election. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, october 5, 2012. "cbs morning ne good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown.
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mitt romney is changing his tune about those controversial remarks concerning 47% of americans. last may speaking at a florida fundraiser romney said 47% of americans paid no federal income taxes and considered themselves victims and will support president obama. romney originally stood by his remarks and described them as not elegantly stated but in an interview with fox news last night romney had a different explanation. >> clearly in a campaign with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question and answer sessions, now and then you'll say something that doesn't come out right. in this case i said something that's completely wrong. >> both candidates campaign in battleground states today. romney working to capitalize on a strong debate, the president working to regroup. susan mcginnis covering it all in washington this morning. susan, good morning to you. >> reporter: back on the campaign trail mitt romney is trying to prolong the momentum that he got from that debate, president obama is seemed determined to make up for lost ground.
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romney's solid debate performance gave him a new spark on the. campaign trail. before an estimated 10,000 people in virginia he kept up his attacks on the president. >> what you didn't hear last night from the president why it is the next four years will be better than the last four years. >> reporter: the obama campaign admits it needs a change in strategy for the next two debates. president obama held back from attacking romney during the debate but that changed when he returned to the campaign trail. >> i almost got to watch out. >> reporter: the president attacked romney's plan to cut subsidies to pbs and his position was so different from what he said in the past he didn't recognize who he was debating. >> whoever was on stage last night doesn't want to be held accountable for what mitt romney has been saying in the last year. >> vice president biden gave the romney campaign another nugget
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to jump on. >> obama and biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars. yes we do. >> reporter: biden said the super wealthy needs to pay more. romney says that will kill jobs. another wild card in this race comes later this morning. the government releases its september unemployment report. experts see that jobless rate rising from the current 8.1%. >> we'll be talking about that a little later. susan mcginnis in washington. thank you so much. word this morning that a rare but deadly meningitis outbreak has the potential to get bigger. it's possible thousands of people are at risk. so far at least 35 people in six states have contracted the fungal meningitis. five have died. the shots behind the disease were shipped to 23 states. it's unclear how many people received injections. in tennessee 1,000 people received the tainted shots. seth jones reports. >> honest to goodness, i became
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more and more frightened. >> reporter: on monday sue learned she might have been infected by the fungus in the steroids given for back pain. >> what symptoms are you told to look out for. >> headaches, neck pain. vomiting. dizziness. a lot of flu-like symptoms. >> those could be -- >> could be anything. >> reporter: she was one more of 700 patients who received injections at clinics affiliated with saint thomas hospital in nashville. >> i don't want this thing in my body. i feel like i want a cleanser. i want to pull it out. get out of my body. >> we're all worried. likely so. we told them all this is very serious. >> reporter: this doctor has examined 19 people who received injections. he saw three new meningitis cases today. the nashville clinic received 2,000 potentially contaminated violence from the massachusetts
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company that makes the drug, new england compounding center. the company has received safety warnings from the fda in the past. one time for mislabelling a drug. the cdc is investigating how the drug became contaminated. by injecting the tainted steroid into the lower back the fungus can travel through the spinal fluid to the brain. it takes one to four weeks for meningitis symptom to appear. >> the hospital alerted more than 700 who has received. do you expect to see more. >> can't tell you at this point whether we're at the beginning, middle or in the end. i think we're in the middle. hopefully at the end but there's no guarantee of that. >> reporter: sue, the patient we spoke with said she does not blame the hospital where she received that injection. we learned that 17,000 doses have been recalled. so far there's no word as to how many of those were administered. seth jones, cbs news, nashville, tennessee.
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>> overseas a team of fbi investigators visited the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya collected evidence and left after about 12 hours. the fbi has been trying to reach benghazi since the september 11th attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three others. u.s. special forces provided security for yesterday's investigation. late last night united nations security council unanimously approved a statement condemning syria's shelling of a turkish border town. five civilians were killed. the u.n. called on syria to respect the sovereignty of its neighbors. if you're flying on american airlines today you may be in for a rough ride. american is cancelling dozens of its flights today as it works to fix seats. over the last week seats on three american flights came loose. american blames wear, poor design and spilled soda. seats are being removed and reinstalled. american cancelled 50 flights yesterday and 44 more today. cbs money watch time now on
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a friday morning. crunching jobs numbers and a status update on a record number of facebook users. ashley morrison is here. >> reporter: asian markets edged up this morning after the bank of japan announced no change in the country's key interest rate. nikkei rose half a percent while the hang seng added half of a percent. today we get the latest snapshot on jobs. the labor department says on thursday that weekly unemployment applications were up by 4,000 last week, that's a level consistent with only modest hiring, some economists expect today's report will show a slight increase in unemployment. the jobs data report yesterday gave the stock market a lift the dow jones industrials average closed 80 points higher on thursday while the nasdaq was up 14 points. mortgage rates decline for a second consecutive week, mortgage buyer freddie mac said on thursday te 30 year loan fell to three and 1/3 percent.
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the average 15 year fixed-rate mortgage was down to 2.69%. the drop in mortgage rates has been fueled by the federal reserve buying mortgage bonds. to strengthen housing recovery. samsung is reporting a record quarterly profit. strong sales of smart phones and high end televisions drove profits to $7.3 billion. that's 21% higher from the second quarter. analysts expect samsung's profits to decrease in the coming quarters due to a rise in market spending. and facebook says it now has 1 billion monthly users. that's double the 500 million users reached two years ago and nearly half of the total number of internet users in the world. but facebook has growing competition with services from google and twitter and its stock
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the latest thing to wear with beautiful tops. beautiful underarms. wear with toga tops, yoga tops, and va-va-voom tops. dove go sleeveless makes underarms soft and smooth in just five days. effective protection. beautiful result. yeah. two weeks into autumn and it already looks like winter in northeastern north dakota. about 3 1/2 inches of wet weather fell making highway travel slippery. northwest minnesota got snow. did i say already? temperatures were in the 70s in both places the day before. a film barack obamatizing the raid on osama bin laden will debut on cable tv two days before the election. >> it is osama bin laden.
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code game is geronimo. >> the raid on osama bin laden will be shown on the national geographic channel. bin laden's death has been a key point in president obama's re-election bid. the national geographic channel said the decision to run the movie was not politically motivated. federal agents arrested dozens of medical professionals in a nationwide sweep of alleged medicare sweep. teresa garcia reports. >> reporter: the medicare fraud strike force took aim at 91 defendants including doctors and nurses in one of the largest health care fraud busts. arrests were made in baton rouge, brooklyn, chicago, dallas, houston, los angeles and miami. the charges involve allege treatment and services that were eater medically unnecessary or in some cases never actually provided. the u.s. attorney general says the fraud amounts to nearly $430
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million in false billings. >> the total includes over $to 30 million in home health care fraud, more than $100 million in mental health care fraud and approximately $49 million in ambulancing transportation fraud. >> reporter: prosecutors say alpha ambulance in los angeles is responsible for the whopping transportation fraud, four top people in the company were arrested. >> can someone there speak to us about the four that were arrested from your business? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: according to the indictment two of the defendants instructed employees here at alpha ambulance to document a reason for runs even if one did not exist. >> medicare and medicaid fraud not only robs taxpayers, it also jeopardizes the future of the program that more than 100 million americans depend on every day. >> reporter: the government says it's working hard to prevent fraud. new penalties could mean 20 to 50 years in prison for the
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largest offenses. convicted killer bruce davis a former or follower of mass murderer charles manson has been granted parole. bruce davis has been serving a life sentence in a california prison since 1972 for the deaths of two men. it was his 27th appearance before the parole board. he didn't participate in the 1969 murders of actress sharon tate and six others. the parole recommendation must be finalized by the state. >> a vicious attack in a south carolina courtroom was caught on video. the defendant had been sentenced to 5 years in jail for robbery and assault when he turned aand punched his attorney. the lawyer suffered a busted lip and sore jaw and because of that the judge added an extra six months to williams sentence for contempt of court. not the smartest thing to do. up next we'll have your weather forecast and in sports, the arizona cardinals try to improve
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5-0 in the city they once called home but the rams had other plans.
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showers and thunderstorms are expected across florida, southern georgia and eastern carolinas. freeze warnings are up for parts of the northern and central states. snow showers are likely for much of colorado. warm from southwest oregon to southern new mexico. in sports this morning the arizona cardinals look to go 5-0 for the first time since 1974. the cards back in their old town to face the rams. first part of the game, bradford, a touchdown. bradford goes deep to givens for a 52-yard strike. the rams win 17-3 and stop the cardinals winning streak. college football, usc visiting utah for the first time in 95 years. second play of the game. utah returns a fumble for a touchdown. usc falls after making a return. helped off the field and later
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in the second quarter he returns to make a touchdown grab. back in the end zone the 13th rank trojans win 38-28. the national hockey league is cancelling games because of a lockout. the nhl wiped out the first two weeks of the regular season which was set to begin next thursday. the two sides are at odds over how to split the nhl's $3 billion in revenue. former boston red sox pitcher curt schilling may have to part ways with that bloody sock he wore during the 2004 world series run. he's on the hook for millions of dollars after he guaranteed loans to his now bankrupt video game company. schilling was wearing it when he took to the mound in 2004 world series just days after having surgery on his ankle. it became a symbol of the red sox first championship in 86 years. it's now on loan to the baseball hall of fame. memorabilia expert estimates it could be worth up to, guess
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well, you don't need one. whether it's flu shots or prescriptions, we continue to accept express scripts and medco plans. i'm bonnie, and this is my cvs. gas prices jump nearly 20 cs overnight. whats going on and how long it will last? "...the front of the chair s moving. it was just moving" plus: american airlines scrambles to fix its slippig seats. how bay area flightse now being affected. and getting around the girdk this weekend... why you'll d to pack some patience if y'e coming into san francisco. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... begin,,
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. mostly sunny in washington 82 degrees. mostly sunny in atlanta 84. rain in st. louis, 54 degrees. denver 48. seattle "the tourist" fired several shots. the suspect's identity and motive for the attack are
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unknown. police in canada seized hundreds of barrels of maple syrup that were stolen. the barrels were discovered in a warehouse in new brunswick. they are valued at more than $30 million was stolen. people will steal anything. no suspects have been arrested. in britain they are celebrating two golden nerves. first the beatles first single marks a milestone. ♪ it was 50 years ago today "love meadow" was released in britain. it peaked to 7 on the british charts but the band's first hit. it wouldn't debut until 1963. >> bond. james bond. >> also 50 years ago today the debut of the james bond film franchise, the movie "dr. no." there's been 22 movies in the
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the federal government says 50 million americans don't always have enough food to get by. one group in california is doing something about it as ben tracey reports. its members use their valuable experience to make sure food doesn't go to waste. >> reporter: shirley is 72 years old and a great grandmother. but just try telling her she doesn't belong on a fork lift. >> watch out. the next thing i learn how to drive is a semi. >> reporter: she's part of an army of 500 very senior citizens, volunteers who run this warehouse in sacramento. kathryn is 87. >> does this keep you young in some way? >> i think it does. it keeps us moving. we're not sitting around watching tv. >> reporter: what they are doing is feeding the hungry. taking in and sorting millions
4:26 am
of excess food from grocery stores that passed the sell by date but not expired. they then send it off to local food banks. >> there's a growing need especially with the downturn in the economy. >> gary is the ceo which is known as senior gleaners. they fed people with $10 million worth of food. >> most will go to waste? >> america wastes 96 billion pounds of food per year. not all is salvageable but a lot is. if we can salvage the food that's being wasted today we can feed everyone in america and that's what food banks are about. >> reporter: they first got going 33 years ago by heading out in fields and backyards collecting extra produce. he had more tomatoes than he ever could eat hanging in his backyard. >> what led you to make the call and say come out here. >> what am i going to do with
4:27 am
it? >> reporter: a crew of four gleaners picked the vines clean. but they need help themselves. they are on fixed incomes. >> we are not just standing one line in the food bank and accepting somebody else's work. we come here and we work and then we have something to take home with us. >> reporter: knowing there are so many people struggling is what drives shirley to stay on her fork lift. >> we still have a lot of good years in us and we can help a lot of people. >> reporter: golden years that have become a golden opportunity to give back. >> coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning," fallout from president obama's debate performance. howard dean tells us how the campaign can recover. an update on the investigation into the security at the libya
4:28 am
where bassambassador chris stev was killed. that will do it for this morning. i'm terrell brown. happy friday everybody. we made it. take care. have a great day. ,,,,,,
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t. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. it is what? >> friday! >> oh, yes. we love friday. october 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time is 4:30. wait until you see what's mapped to gas prices overnight. >> this


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